Waterbeds and water mattresses are ideal for giving you the perfect support, allowing you to find the most comfortable sleeping position whilst supporting pressure points to give you a restful night’s sleep.

The warm and even support of a water mattress rests your body’s aches and pains whilst adapting to the shape of your body to relieve pressure points, so you can find your perfect sleeping position.

The Quality Bed Warehouse has a range of sizes and types of water mattress available, with different structures to allow the flow and buoyancy of the water to provide ideal, individual support. Waterbeds are available with hard sides or soft, cushioned sides allowing you to get in and out easily, as well as with choice of layering systems to allow free flow or give a fully stabilised feel.

Aftersales & Accessories

We supply a range of waterbed accessories and care products including heaters, safety liners and bedding to keep your water bed in the best possible condition and ensure longevity. Our waterbed conditioners will also prevent the growth of algae and bacteria without the need to regularly change the water.

We always recommend a visit to our showroom so you can find the ideal level of comfort to suit you, and our expert team can talk you through the best options for your needs.

For more information on waterbeds and waterbed mattresses, have a look at nottinghamwaterbeds.co.uk.

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Looking for a comfortable mattress?

Relocation and repair service available:

  • Repair leak from £30
  • Drain mattress from £40
  • Drain & dismantle from £50
  • Service available from £39
  • Full relocation from £99